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Hey what’s going on many people asked well what Black Fist, Chocolate City about? Here’s a quick synopsis of the film. Still time to donate check link below. 

Greg is back. After bravely serving four tours of duty in Afghanstian and Iraq, Greg — a decorated Marine — has returned home to his native Washington D.C. to begin the next chapter of his life. As Greg walks along the streets of our nation’s capital, he can’t believe how much everything has changed. His old neighborhood has been gentrified and he doesn’t like it. Rich elitists have invaded Chocolate City. When Greg reunites with his old friends, they discuss the issues affecting the city and what they can do about it. Each raises a Black Fist in solidarity. They vow to take action. But before they can do something about it, Greg is almost sideline by a beautiful yoga instructor. Sparks fly and tempers flare. Will Greg be able to complete his next mission or will his drive be compromised by intense attraction?–2/x/10330741#/story


Update on Short film Black fist, Chocolate City


It has been quite awhile since I wrote any updates for short film Black Fist, Chocolate City. Spent last couple months writing and traveling. Now we’re ready to start Crowdfunding/ Preproduction stages.

In the process of setting up Crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. We put together a short video of quick synopsis of the film. We feel it’s important film that’s funny but also deals with real issues in community. We have all sort of perks to donators from tickets to private screening to T-shirts etc.

I know everyone’s been asking and excited bout the film. We have enormous support from people especially in Washington, D.C where the film takes place. We wanted to take our time to make the very best Short film. We put together great cast and crew that we feel will make this indie project a hit. We go into some the roughest areas of DC to begin production this spring.

Be on look out for Crowdfunding post and check out our Facebook page.Thank You all for your support.
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BlackFist, Chocolate City

Hello Everyone!

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Seven Williams Writer and Director of “Black Fist, Chocolate City” created this page to not only promote the film but to also write about the process of the film. I have experience working on several indie films and short films but this will my directorial debut so I’m pretty excited about the film.

Black Fist, Chocolate City is a short film that’s been two years in the making. The idea for the film all started when Ellison Mcknight (filmmaker) and I were throwing name titles for a possible name for a funny comedy short film. Black Fist, Chocolate City was born.

When I wrote the script I knew that Washington DC was perfect place for this film to take place. DC has been known as Chocolate City for it’s rich black history and culture influences. Having spent quiet sometime in DC i wanted to tell this story for the forgotten people of the city. This screenplay covers important issues that are talked about every subjects such as Gentrification, unemployment, crime stories, sports, and relationships. DC is another black Mecca and it’s history had to be told.

The story takes place in modern day times with a former Marine returning home from war. The character is returning home to an area once plagued by drugs and murder to find dramatic changes in place once called home.

I’m so thankful for the amount of support we have in DC to make this project happen. We have assembled a great cast of made up mostly of well known Washingtonians. I want thank Nelson Gadson and Ellison Mcknight who are not only Actors in the film but producers in the film. This project could not happen without their hard work.

We currently are near end of preproduction and are working on crow funding to cover cost of production for this film. We go into production late this fall. This one of several blogs that will be writing stay tuned for more info soon. You can also check out our Facebook page for more info and photos of Actors and Actress for the film. Keep the fist up!

Seven Williams