Our Goal!!

Our Campaign is now up. It’s really important to reach our goal and make this film. We are doing a film about forgotten community in DC and our family touch on cureent issues. With a donation as little as a $1  you can help us. If you can’t donate maybe you can pass word on to one of your friends or post on social media.  use Hashtag #fist #bfcc #blackfistchocolatecity



“Black Fist, Chocolate City” Campaign

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Wanted to update the blog to let you know Crowdfunding for our film “Black Fist, Chocolate City” starts Friday April 17th.  We will be launching campaign on Indiegogo.com to help us raise funds to help us get thru production. We are really excited about the film. With this film we hope to highlight some of the current issues in District of Columbia . Issues such as Violence,Gentrification, Racism, etc. Although our film is touching on important social issues its also a very funny and entertaining film. We also wanted this to be a community film where real people in these communities are involved in the film whether its actors, background talent or assisting on set. We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from the people of DMV. (DC, Maryland, Virigina)

We need your help to make this happen whether you can donate a $1 or simply spread word to your friends.  Share Tweet, Facebook, Instagram whatever! Tell a friend to tell a friend! For those who donate we have perks from T-shirts, movie tickets, or posters. Again we launch campaign Friday and will follow up blog then. In meantime check us out profiles on social media for actor profiles, pictures and more info.

Black fist salute!

Seven Williams





Jose Celso Barbosa

American Latino History

Jose Celso Barbosa 1880 Yearbook Jose Celso Barbosa
1880 Yearbook

Dr. Jose Celso Barbosa is the first Puerto Rican to earn a medical degree from a university in the continental United States. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1880. Dr. Barbosa was born on July 27, 1857 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He was the first student of color to attend the Jesuit Seminary. Wanting higher education, he traveled to New York City to learn English. While in New York, he attended Fort Edward Institute to learn the English language. While in the city, he applied for enrollment to the College of Physicians and Surgeons (now Columbia University Medical School) with the help of a mentor, Dr. Wendell. Because of his background, he was rejected admission to the institution. Dr. Wendell received a letter dated October 5, 1877 that stated the following regarding Barbosa’s admission to the College of Physicians and Surgeons:


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New Trailer: Straight Outta Compton (NSFW)

Looking forward to seeing this film!

Fights & Film

Straight Outta Compton is an upcoming semi-biographical movie that follows the founding members of the legendary rap group N.W.A. during the early years of the groups history. I wasn’t really aware of rap music/alive during NWA’s heyday so I can’t say they’re one of my favorite groups of all time, but I can definitely appreciate their story and the music they made. Straight Outta Compton looks like a very interesting film set in Southern California during the 1980’s. I have to say, the filmmakers made some excellent casting choices because the actors all look very similar to the men they portray in real life.

Straight Outta Compton is scheduled to come out in theaters on August 14th.

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Meet one stars of the film

Meet Bianca Franklin one stars of our film “Black Fist, Chocolate City”


Bianca is a California native that in addition to being an actress is also a model. Cassandra has made appearances in films like “Think Like a Man 2” and couple of short films. She is a rising star.

Bianca plays “Angie” a recent college graduate who teach yoga classes. Angie is a new to DC area and also the romantic love interest of Greg.

Make sure you go follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Forward Fast Indiegogo for Feb 2nd

Best of luck!

Binky Productions & Binky Ink

What if different isn’t wrong? Binky Productions will be launching its Indiegogo Fundraising campaign for ‘Forward Fast’, the fun reflection short film about Autism, inspired by my brother, who has Asperger’s Autism. Our goal is to spread awareness about Autism. And your contribution can have a big impact on achieving this goal.

The film follows a young man living his life at normal speed, in a world where everything and everyone around him is in fast forward, who just want to be accepted for who he is.

We have a variety of interesting perks for all types of contributors, which includes: a digital poster, DVD of the film, personalized Thank You video, Associate Producer title, to name a few. Our total monetary goal is of $1500 to pay for Audio Post-Production, music, festival submissions, IMDB listing, among a few other important aspects of post-production.

Be among the first to donate…

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Update on Short film Black fist, Chocolate City


It has been quite awhile since I wrote any updates for short film Black Fist, Chocolate City. Spent last couple months writing and traveling. Now we’re ready to start Crowdfunding/ Preproduction stages.

In the process of setting up Crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. We put together a short video of quick synopsis of the film. We feel it’s important film that’s funny but also deals with real issues in community. We have all sort of perks to donators from tickets to private screening to T-shirts etc.

I know everyone’s been asking and excited bout the film. We have enormous support from people especially in Washington, D.C where the film takes place. We wanted to take our time to make the very best Short film. We put together great cast and crew that we feel will make this indie project a hit. We go into some the roughest areas of DC to begin production this spring.

Be on look out for Crowdfunding post and check out our Facebook page.Thank You all for your support.
You can also follow me on Twitter @sietewilliams