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Before the summers over! 

Summers in full swing and with only one month left we just just got a bunch of cool “Black Fist, Chocolate City” T-shirts! 

We got a lot people that were interested in t-shirts. So we decide to offer t-shirts as a cool perk to those who donate $25 you get your very own shirt with films logo. We have limited amount so it’s real big deal! Just think how exculsive you will look. 

Only 6 more days to contribute! http://t.co/gJB4sqIWdL #SupportIndieFilm  BlackFist Chocolate city  



Where did time go? 

9 days left! Where did time go! There’s still time left to donate to our film. We just got cool perks in. Posters and T-shirts which will post later. But if you need know why you should donate check out this video from Actor Producer Nelson Gadson. Thank you for your continued support! 

Seven Williams

Black fist Chocolate city


The film they don’t want you to see! 

Do you support Black film and Art? Want see a movie that’s funny, sexy but talks about real issues too. Support our film! 

Funders get awesome perks for contributing. You can donate as little as a $1 We need $10,000 to make it happen. Help us meet our goal before it ends on July 25. Visit campaign

Thanks for your support! 
Seven Williams 

Thank you! 

Just wanted to take time to say thank you to all people who have donated or who have shared our campaign with thier family and friends. We realize during these tough times everyone is not able to donate. So we do appreciate those of you have spread the word via social media.

Check out new video update!

Please continue to help us get the word out about the film. There still time to donate as well https://t.co/n1OJveTruj

Hope everyone had great week! 


History behind title! BFCC

Good Evening everyone! 

People been asking how did I come up with idea for Black fist, Chocolate city. So I thought I would explain what our Indie Film is about. 

Three years ago while working out in LA was talking with my friend Ellison about history of blaxiplation and lack of strong black superheroes in film. 

Original we had thought of different title and talked about doing a film along the lines of a comedy . But as I began to actually write the script there was a lot current issues (police brutality, Travon murder and racism) going on felt to touch on social issues in the film. 

Black fist represents strong symbol in our communites so I wanted to incorporate that in the film. The character Greg who returns home a veteran who’s passionate about finding a way to reconnect and give back to his community. 

The location of the film I felt was key in telling the story. Washington DC I felt was a perfect setting for a story that could not only show grimmy hoods and streets but a thriving African American community of professionals. I also had personal connection with DC having lived there and having close friends and family that are native Washingtonians. 

Chocolate City is nickname for Washington DC because of the large number of African American residents. With this film I wanted to show issues that affect the black communites in the district. Wanted to show how gentrification has affected some these areas. Sure DC was once considered Homicide City but was also home to many black owned business on Ustreet, Hstreet and Georgia Avenue. It was also home to legendary artist in Jazz, R&B, and Gogo music. 

Our goal with this film is show the side of Washington that is rarely talked about. Helps us make this happen. There’s a million ways to help you can donate as little as $1 or simple get word out on this special film. Use hashtags #blackfist #bfcc #blackfistchocolatecity linkis below thanks for you support!



“Black Fist, Chocolate City” Campaign

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Wanted to update the blog to let you know Crowdfunding for our film “Black Fist, Chocolate City” starts Friday April 17th.  We will be launching campaign on Indiegogo.com to help us raise funds to help us get thru production. We are really excited about the film. With this film we hope to highlight some of the current issues in District of Columbia . Issues such as Violence,Gentrification, Racism, etc. Although our film is touching on important social issues its also a very funny and entertaining film. We also wanted this to be a community film where real people in these communities are involved in the film whether its actors, background talent or assisting on set. We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we have received from the people of DMV. (DC, Maryland, Virigina)

We need your help to make this happen whether you can donate a $1 or simply spread word to your friends.  Share Tweet, Facebook, Instagram whatever! Tell a friend to tell a friend! For those who donate we have perks from T-shirts, movie tickets, or posters. Again we launch campaign Friday and will follow up blog then. In meantime check us out profiles on social media for actor profiles, pictures and more info.

Black fist salute!

Seven Williams





Update on Short film Black fist, Chocolate City


It has been quite awhile since I wrote any updates for short film Black Fist, Chocolate City. Spent last couple months writing and traveling. Now we’re ready to start Crowdfunding/ Preproduction stages.

In the process of setting up Crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. We put together a short video of quick synopsis of the film. We feel it’s important film that’s funny but also deals with real issues in community. We have all sort of perks to donators from tickets to private screening to T-shirts etc.

I know everyone’s been asking and excited bout the film. We have enormous support from people especially in Washington, D.C where the film takes place. We wanted to take our time to make the very best Short film. We put together great cast and crew that we feel will make this indie project a hit. We go into some the roughest areas of DC to begin production this spring.

Be on look out for Crowdfunding post and check out our Facebook page.Thank You all for your support.
You can also follow me on Twitter @sietewilliams